About Us

August 22, 2019 Rachel Rowbottom 0 Comments

    Shuswap Pro-Life is a society that is dedicated to raising awareness of the value of human life. We strive for a society in which every human life is protected, respected and valued from conception until natural death. Life is worth it.

    We hope for a world where human life is valued in all its forms, stages, and circumstances. We look forward to a time when those facing emotional or physical pain are helped to meet their challenges, and make life valuing decisions.

   At the Shuswap Pro-Life Society, we hold three core beliefs:

   All human life is a gift from God. All human life has value. Unborn children and those who are suffering from mental or physical illness, old age, or loneliness, are the most vulnerable members of our society, and in most need of protection and support. 


The Board

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