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2023 | A Year in Review

December 05, 2023 Rachel Rowbottom 0 Comments

As the year comes to a close, we want to take a moment to look back over the past year, and say a thank you to our supporters.

In March, Shuswap Pro-life Society put up a new billboard, to replace one that had been vandalized. Our right to life does not depend on our location. We also put up two bus bench ads.

We are thankful that there has not been any more vandalism! It costs money to print posters.

A petition drive was organized for Right Now, asking for a law to protect pre-born children. During the year many petitions are sent to sign online.

In September, we had a booth at the Salmon Arm Fair. There was a lot of interest, especially the fetal model display. There appears to be a shift towards pro-life.

We sponsored the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform coming to Salmon Arm. The Little Mountain Bible Chapel hosted a team of 12 in August for a seminar on apologetics and door-knocking. The CCBR had a "Pro-Life Crash Course" for two days in Salmon Arm in November.

Anna took part in the training. She says, "It was inspiring to work with a team so dedicated to saving babies and so caring of others as to be willing to share the truth in such a positive way."

In October, Life Chain was held. About 70 people attended, double from last year! In November we held our Annual General Meeting, where we had a short speech about Euthanasia, and raised money for the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

Did you know that Planned Parenthood has charitable statues? PP’s business is abortion. They receive millions of taxpayer money. Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers are losing their charitable statues. So much for inclusivity! Trudeau’s famous words.

Health Canada reports that in 2021, 87,485 abortions were done. That is down from 100,000 per year. However it does not include chemical abortions. And clinics are not required to report their abortions. Each abortion ends the life of a precious human life.

A big thank you to the board for their untiring support. Anna for keeping us in the black. Jane for taking minutes. Cindy for helping out whenever needed. Kelsey for being a mom to five young children. Rachel for making posters and for the website. Daniel resigned due to a bad fall of which he never really recovered.

Submitted by Hildegard Krieg

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