ARPA Canada,

Our Diminishing Democracy

May 08, 2019 Rachel Rowbottom 0 Comments

For the last several years we have been hosting a guest speaker in the month of May. This year we are happy to announce that Mike Schouten, Director of Advocacy ARPA, and We Need a Law will speak on the diminishing democracy, and how we can make our voices heard in the public square. 
 Christians are discriminated against when they openly stand up for truth and righteousness. This is especially important in this election year. Mr. Schouten will help us understand that political action requires a long view, an eternal perspective. The ultimate goal is to bring back full protection for all pre-born children. 

Mike Schouten is back by popular demand. He will also speak at a Ministerial Association luncheon at Living Waters Church. Shuswap Pro-Life Society is serving the lunch. The evening presentation is at Five Corners Pentecostal Church on Thursday May 16, 12 pm. 

As Director of Advocacy for ARPA Canada, Mike Schouten educates, equips, and encourages members of Canada’s Christian churches for political action. Mike also serves as the Director of ARPA’s pro-life initiative, the We Need a Law Ccampaign. The goal of We Need a Law is to mobilize Canadians and persuade our political leaders to pass laws that protect children before birth.  His goal for this campaign is to bury the status quo by helping to enact the first pro-life law this country has seen in 30 years. His ultimate goal is for Canada to have full legal protection for all pre-born children.  

Mike lives in British Columbia with his wife Jennifer and their six children.

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