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Choosing Life

March 02, 2018 Rachel Rowbottom 0 Comments

Miko Ando isn't just an amazing figure skater, who was the first woman to land a quadruple jump in a competition. She isn't only a two-time World champion, or one of the participators of the Olympic torch relay for Japan.

  She is also a mother.

 In 2012, Miko found out that she was pregnant. She had been preparing for her third Olympics, working hard, and competing. It was a complete surprise to her when she found out that she was five months pregnant.
  Pressure came from the media and her career to abort the baby. It would be 'easier', and she could continue straight onto the olympics. However, Miko did not cower from difficulties.

 "...I hated to make a decision to say goodbye (to the baby). I have chosen the baby’s life over skating.”
  Miko took a break from skating, and had her child, a little girl who she named Himawari which means Sunflower. 
 Since then, she has become a skating coach, a lifelong dream of hers, and a TV personality.

   Although many women in society are pressured to abort, and told that having a child will ruin their career, Miko Ando shows that this is not the case. Having a child can be difficult, but it is always worth it. A child does not ruin your life, nor your career. As Miko can testify, your life continues, and your child will bring you joy and happiness.

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