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October 18, 2017 Rachel Rowbottom 0 Comments

   Looking out the window on Sunday October 1st, the prospects seemed gloomy. Dark clouds loomed, and rain pounded on the roof. Standing on the side of the highway with a sign did not seem an appealing way to spend the afternoon. How many people would show up?

    Driving to Fletcher Park to meet with the others, the clouds began to clear away, and the sun came out. The cool air began to warm, as people began to show up, a few at a time, to pick up their signs.

By the time 2:30 had rolled around, we had a large crowd of over seventy people ready to head to the Trans Canada Highway, and stand for life.

   All along the highway, children, teens, and adults stood with their signs - raising awareness of both the value of life, and the sad consequences of abortion.

   Drivers responded well, some honking, and some giving a thumbs up to show their support. Of course, there were a few who were less than happy to see us, but overall it was a good experience.

Some of us took a seat to rest our legs, but we still held our signs up!

As you can see, the street corners were quite crowded!

People brought their families and friends, and enjoyed the afternoon together. 

We want to give a big thank-you to everyone who came to Shuswap Life Chain 2017! Every little bit of support helps, and we are so glad that you are passionate about raising awareness with us.
A big thanks to the organizers as well! We hope to see you all again next year.

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