Why Abortions Are Neither Pro-Choice Nor Pro-Woman

July 27, 2017 Rachel Rowbottom 0 Comments

Feminist will rant about how abortions are a woman's right, and how they empower women.

Pro-choicer's will argue that abortions are choice - 'my body, my choice'.

They're wrong. Abortions are neither pro-choice, pro-woman, or pro-human.

Why aren't abortions pro-woman?

   In the year 2013 alone there were one million, three hundred and thirty thousand sex-selective abortions. That's 1,330,000 girls being aborted, just because they're girls. (Let's not forget in light of this, they're apparently still not considered babies when this is happening.) From 2000-2013, 24,000,000 girls were sex-selectively aborted. That is one sex-selective abortion happening every 18 seconds.

   This isn't just in second world countries, countries in Asia and India where there is a general stigma against girls. Studies have shown that the practice of sex-selective abortions has spread to the UK, Canada, and the USA.
   Besides the babies who are being killed during the abortions - many times because of their gender,  woman who have an abortion are also at risk. There are emotional side effects to abortion - according to americanpregnancy.org.

  •     Depression
  •     Suicidal Thoughts
  •     Insomnia & Nightmares
  •     Anxiety
  •     Eating Disorders
  •     Loss of Self-confidence
  •     Anger
  •     Guilt
  •     Regret    
   Careconfidential.com lists this as a side effect to abortion. (Italics added for emphasis)
     "....flashbacks and feeling a need to replace the lost child as possible psychological consequences of having an abortion."
     Besides emotional and physiological side effects of abortions on women, there are physical effect.
  "Cervical damage from previously induced abortions increases the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and complications of labor during later pregnancies by 300 - 500 percent... When the risks of increased pregnancy loss are projected on the population as a whole, it is estimated that aborted women lose 100,000 "wanted" pregnancies each year because of latent abortion morbidity.The researchers found that, compared to women who carried to term, women who had aborted in the year prior to their deaths were 60 percent more likely to die from natural causes, seven times more likely to die from suicide, four times more likely to die of injuries related to accidents and fourteen times more likely to die from homicide." abortionfacts.com
   Despite what pro-choice advocates, and pro-choice feminists might say, abortions are not safe and easy for women. Teen Vogue describes the usual symptoms of abortion.
    "You can expect almost 3 solid days of pain. Likely worse than any period symptoms you’ve ever experienced. You’ll love it! It’s like 2 throbbing hot balls of lead are trying to escape your body, all while your stomach contracts over and over again. Huzzahhhhh!"
  Besides all the cases against women, stated above - there is yet another large crime against women that is committed by abortions.
   Planned Parenthood has been reported many times covering up sex trafficking, and under-age sex trafficking. The women who are having abortions have absolutely no choice in the whole matter. They must have an abortion - it's required. Perhaps they think they may find help from this horrible trap they are in, at the clinic. It doesn't happen that way. Instead the crimes are hidden up, and the women go back to enduring the horrible abuse they are faced with every day.

Why are abortions not pro-choice? 

   Babies, or 'fetuses'/'tissue' as they are called by pro-choice advocates have no choice. You might think it doesn't matter, they aren't really people yet. This is not true. Here's the development of a baby from five - nineteen weeks into pregnancy.
  Five Weeks - into pregnancy, and your baby's heart has already started beating.   
  Six Weeks -  your baby's mouth, nose, brain, and intestines are beginning to take shape.
  Eight Weeks - your baby has begun to move around. It as developed feet and hands. Nerve cells are branching out. Its lungs have already begun to develop, and breathing tubes have extended from the throat to lungs.
   Ten Weeks - Your baby's nails have begun to form. Its limbs can bend. The most critical portion of development is completed.
    Eleven & Twelve Weeks - Your baby is pretty much fully formed. It can hiccup, kick, and stretch. Fingers have begun to open and close, toes can curl. Reflexes have already started kicking in - your baby can feel movement on your tummy. Its mouth has also begun to make sucking movements. 
   Thirteen Weeks - Your baby has tiny fingerprints now. Veins and organs are visible through its skin. 

Second Trimester

  Fourteen Weeks - Your baby is using its facial muscles! Its brain impulses have begun to fire up. Oh, and the kidneys are fully functioning. 
  Fifteen Weeks - Your baby can sense light, and will move away from it. *Gender can now be told from ultrasounds. This is when many people have sex-selective abortions.*
  Seventeen Weeks - Your baby's skeleton is hardening to bone. Your baby can also move its joints.
  Nineteen Weeks - You baby can probably hear your voice now. Its smell, vision, and taste are also developing.

   Now, I just want to remind you. Don't be confused. This is still not considered a baby by pro-choice advocates. It's just a "fetus/tissue".

   Abortions are legal in Canada, up to birth. In the USA, most states consider abortion legal until the 24th week of pregnancy.
   As you can see, the baby are ready has developed feet, hands, legs, arms, nails, kidneys, intestines, fingerprints, and its heart is beating. The baby is developing its senses, and it can kick, hiccup, and stretch. It's nerve cells have branched out. This is a person. Even if it's currently living in its mother's body, it is its own person, and is not part of its mother's body. Yet it has no choice in the matter.
   Fathers very often do not have a choice in abortion. Although many, pressure their wives/girlfriends to have an abortion, others don't want it. But it doesn't matter. In most cases, they have no say.
   There is another crime against humanity that is brought about through abortion. Many babies who potentially could have a handicap are aborted. An example of this are down-syndrome children.

    In Iceland, 100% of babies diagnosed with down syndrome are aborted. In Great Britain 90% of babies with Down Syndrome are aborted. It is predicted that pretty soon down syndrome children will be extinct. This isn't because people won't be having babies with down syndrome, it's because they will be aborting them.

    "We have begun to see more and more young people with Down syndrome graduating from high schools, some going on to higher education and learning employable skills. There are accomplished musicians, artists, golfers, models, actors and public speakers, as well as good employees making significant contributions to their companies and communities. These are all role models for what can be done in spite of one extra chromosome." Karen Gaffney - A down-syndrome athlete.
     Just because these people will have some struggles in their lives, they are encouraged to be aborted. They can feel joy, love, sadness, and do so many things, yet they are deemed not precious enough to live. They have no choice.

  So no. Abortions are not pro-woman. They are not pro-choice. They are not creating better lives for anyone.
   As a final note - if you've had an abortion, this does not mean you are a bad person. There is always hope. Support, help, and redemption is waiting for you. Feel free to contact us.

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